Minggu, 13 November 2011


i just landed on my bed while i writing this post. I've been gone for a while doing some stuffs I really should do. And this site has been left unupdated. it's been two days since i back from halimun . yes i do so hectic with my field trip on halimun..but it was so fun!. have you ever stand on a truck with all ur friends and feel the wind and the plant blowing ur hair and ur face together ? or climbing a high and steep cliff without a safety stuff ? eventhoug my body begin to crack rite now i think i would never get an experience like i get in halimun twice in my life especially with my dearest buddy. now..... lemme show u some potrait of halimun

morning view in the upper of tea garden
kanopi trail
it was some potrait of halimun. next, ill post more photos from halimun. now i need to get some rest to refresh my body and my brain. cause tommorow i have to do my best for my first National Exams TRY OUT! WISH ME LUCK BUDDY!nite and see ya!


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