Sabtu, 04 Februari 2012

to love...

To love is to be so much tough..
To be understand..
To to be giving your best..
To be who you are
To be patient
To survive the bad condition..
To keep on trying..
To keep the promises..
To keep together..
To to wait no matter how long you have to wait..
To believe..

i'd never thought before how love can be such a most painfull and killer thing till i found it by my self that it really is. it's seems like everything right up in the very start and fall out apart in the end. when i looked on your eyes and i figured out that it said to me "this is the time". i know what's happening. i dont know how we got into the mad situation and i can feel that you are not even there anymore. remember how you beg me not to give up on you? i already try my best not to give up on you easily,  when distance make it seems more than hard. you build a huge future between us. so what's now?
i wound up. i try to kill the time that we ever had. i hate putting so much effort than i receive. i hate to be like a mess, i hate that all the simple things remind me how good it used to be. somethimes  i cry a lot and barely cant sleep every night. but what am i crying for?
i know you've been hurt a lot because of me, you are hurt so much too. you gave me your best like i do. and i know what you feel towards our relation. but i never want you to give up like this. i want us to defying the obstacle together. you are so lovely before. but why you seems like we couldn't make it anymore? oh why?
now, i realize even when a thousands years together, but if we're not meant to be together eventually it will be end because some quote said like this: "some people are mean to fall in love together, but not mean to be together". you know i still feel the same way like i feel for the first time. and i dont know when will i move out from the past, i'l keep these feeling just for me..
more i could say now to love is..

"To let go of what we have been holding on for so long.."
really hope it's nice where ever you are..

So much love,

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