Selasa, 22 Januari 2013

My New Addicition

hello fellas!
it's been a whileeeeeeeeee since the last time i post my entry right? kind hectic lately and sometimes i just lost or even cannot find some idea to write on this blog. Don't know why. Sooo, i just spent my time to do other things. Bandung makes me dizzy and so crazy. I got a lot to do and to learn, as we all know i already went to university this year. Haha. But well, my first semester has just passed and now it's HOLIDAY TIMEEEEEEEEEE. Time to refresh my mood, my mind, search for some new idea, new stuff, or just new boy friends?yes? absolutely no! because i already got one :3 so lucky yep?

so... i wanna share something with you all, something i do to killing my spare time, before i go to Jogjakarta and Bangka Belitung to take some vacation with family and friends. i kinda addicted to one of the hottest fashion website, we can say that it was an application too, named : POLYVORE. I'm so addicted to this one. this website provide us to look and make our own editorial pick. we could decorate it as we want and share it. a bit like but it's not the same kind. so here my sets. because i'm a newbie so i just have 3 sets:

so, what you think? i really hope you all like it. if you interesting to killing your time in a crative way like me go sign in you self on polyvore and don't forget to follow my account : windyaudina on
enjoy your holiday everyone!


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